A refreshing and unique marketing plan for a special and different client
What did we do for Fibro Academy Beauty Studio?
When this customer approached us, we immediately realized that, amid so much competition, we needed to make Fibro Academy stand out. That is why we make a modification of many things, from a makeover, to ebooks. Also, everything is designed according to your needs and ideal customer.
Ideal makeover
We thought that, having a client in such a popular market, we would have to make them look unique, fresh and say something about them. That is why we designed this image, which is followed on their social networks and on their website. What is sought is that, when the public sees an image of Fibro Academy, they know just by looking at it that it is theirs, and they do not have to look for the name of the brand.
Unique content
As we mentioned with the image, the content must also be original and eye-catching. For this reason, we offer the content of their RRSS, taking into account the target they have and what they want to achieve. At FelaMedia we always take that into consideration when creating any type of content, and with Fibro Academy we were not going to make an exception.
Being an academy, we were clear that it must offer the public material to share knowledge, techniques and tips. That is why we thought of offering a group of ebooks that would bring together all the topics that Fibro Academy teaches. This adds value to the classes, and to the brand.
Ads, from Facebook, Instagram and Google
The best way to expand is through Ads, because these reach the people you want to reach them. That is why we have made advertisements both for two social networks, Instagram and Facebook, and for Google. In this way the public of Fibro Academy increases more and more.
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