We help Consul Group to have the image

What did we do for Consul Group?

With this client, our focus was to ensure that their networks, and website, radiate the professionalism that they possess. We start by improving your image, putting something sober and striking. We also support them with the content theme, since original and quality content will attract more the public. Apart from that we offer you a landing page, which is designed with the same graphic line that is handled in your RRSS.

In the same way as other clients, we incorporate Ads, both from Facebook and Instagram, because it is an excellent form of dissemination, which is necessary to reach more people and become known.
Ads, for Facebook and for Instagram
The growth of the RRSS, and the increase in clients, will always depend on the good management that you give to your accounts, that you are constant and that you publish quality content and images. However, another great way to reach people is through Ads, which are intended only for the brand's target audience. This will make only people really interested in buying aware of the existence of Consul Group.
Landing page
Nowadays, having a website is extremely necessary, it is not only a show of professionalism, it is also another way of reaching people, which never hurts. Also, you can place things that you would not place in the RRSS, even articles of content necessary for your audience.
Sales funnel
The sales funnel that we designed for this client was focused on telling the public about the things they offer and how they can help you to be the best business in your niche. We also think that it would be good for the public to know the methodology of the Consul Group brand, so that in this way everything is transparent and the client has more confidence.
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