What did we do for the Coaching hub?
Coaching needed a great presence in the RRSS, to attract attention, because they are a great means of help for any coach. That is why we help them with their RRSS, we create Facebook ADS, Instagram ADS, landings and videos. All in order to reach every coach in the world who might need his service.
Custom digital solutions:
In the world of digital marketing, it is very important to adapt the tools according to your needs, that is, what works for one client may not be for another. That is why we dedicate a lot to getting to know the client and finding those points where they need help. Also, below we will show you what were the digital solutions that we gave to this client:
Landing, the best cover letter
When you offer a service, the first thing to think about is your cover letter, in which you can tell about everything it is about, the benefits, and the price. A web page where any interested person can obtain all the information about the service or product that the brand is presenting. Coaching Hub is offering a program designed for entrepreneurs, so we created a page where you can see all the content of the course, the objective, who it is designed for, the testimonials and much more.
ADS, both on Instagram and Facebook
One of the best ways to make yourself known is through ADS, because it will reach your target audience directly, and this will create leads in no time. Bearing this in mind, we have created some ADSs, on Facebook and on Instagram, in order to reach more people and make everyone know about Coaching Hub.
Nowadays the most consumed visual material is videos, therefore we have decided to put together a video in which 100% of your company is appreciated. We wanted it to be fully understood what they offered, their concept and who they were.
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